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InstaFeeder™ - Quick Brew Baby Bottle(2 pc)

InstaFeeder™ - Quick Brew Baby Bottle(2 pc)

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"I recently purchased the InstaFeeder Quick Brew Baby Bottle and it has been an absolute game-changer for our family. With a simple shake, we have fresh, warm milk ready in seconds, which is a lifesaver during those late-night feedings. It's no exaggeration to say this bottle has enhanced our feeding routine, keeping my baby content and making our lives so much easier. Highly recommend!"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Jessica S
 Verified Buyer

The world of baby care products is a labyrinth of choices where convenience and safety are paramount. Finding a feeding solution that aligns with the unpredictable rhythm of a newborn's hunger, is a real stressor that can disrupt the family's peace. This constant search for the perfect bottle can leave feeling anxious, doubting how to provide the best care for the infant.

Enter the InstaFeeder™ Quick Brew Baby Bottle, a beacon of innovation in infant nutrition. Its revolutionary design allows to prepare a warm, fresh bottle in a mere five seconds, ensuring that the baby doesn't have to wait. The result is a tranquil feeding experience, with more restful nights and joyful days for both, epitomizing the nurturing spirit of modern parenting.


✅ INSTANT NUTRITION READY: InstaFeeder™ Quick Brew technology transforms cold water and powder into warm, ready-to-drink milk in just five seconds. This swift preparation means the baby gets nourishment without the wait, keeping babies happy and content.

✅ SAFE AND SOUND MATERIALS: Constructed with safety glass and PPSU, InstaFeeder™ bottle is free from harmful chemicals. Peace of mind comes standard, knowing every sip baby takes is from a bottle that's as safe as it is clean.

The USB bottle warmer helps to maintain a 24-hour constant temperature. InstaFeeder™ continuous warmth ensures baby’s comfort, mimicking the natural, soothing experience of breastfeeding.

✅ SIMPLICITY OF USE: InstaFeeder™ design allows for easy separation of milk and water compartments. The simplicity adds ease to daily routine, making feeding time a straightforward, stress-free affair.

The quick preparation feature is a dream for nighttime feedings with InstaFeeder™. It restores sleep by minimizing the disruption caused by a hungry baby, ensuring everyone wakes up refreshed.

✅ ALL-DAY ASSURANCE:  InstaFeeder™ bottle’s durable materials are designed for longevity. The assurance of having a reliable bottle that withstands the test of time and frequent use.

We understand the delicate dance of meeting an infant's needs promptly and precisely, especially when it comes to feeding. The groggy night feedings, where the slow preparation of the little one's bottle means tears for infants and stress for caregivers. With over 80% of parents reporting sleep deprivation as a significant concern, the need for a quick and comforting feeding solution is undeniable.

InstaFeeder™ Quick Brew Baby Bottle is designed with these very challenges in mind, promising to ease the feeding frenzy. This marvel of design delivers a warm, ready bottle in just five seconds, revolutionizing feeding time with the press of a button. Surrender to the joys of parenthood without the fatigue, as the Quick Brew Bottle ensures the baby’s cries for hunger are met swiftly with solace and satisfaction.


150mL Comes with S hole Nipple, For 0-3 months baby

240mL Comes with M hole Nipple, For babies 3-6 months

300mL Comes with cross-hole Nipple, For babies over 6 months old

Material: PPSU/ Glass

Capacity: 150mL/240mL/300mL


1. Press down the milk powder box
2. Press the bottle cap directly when soaking milk to make the milk powder drop and Fusion with water
3. Shake gently to accelerate the dissolution of milk powder only takes 5 seconds to brew the milk powder
4. Drink directly, Baby does not wait, drink fresh milk anytime and anywhere


InstaFeeder™ - Quick Brew Baby Bottle *1 

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