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Hug Tee™ : Hands-Free Baby Pouch Carrier

Hug Tee™ : Hands-Free Baby Pouch Carrier

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Male Size Chart Unit: CM

SIZE length shoulder bust sleeve
S 66 42 100 17
M 67 43 106 18
L 68 44 110 19
XL 69 45 115 20
2XL 70 46 120 21
3XL 71 47 126 22
4XL 72 48 131 23
5XL 73 49 136 24


Female Size Chart Unit: CM

SIZE length shoulder bust
S 59 80 87
M 60 84 88
L 61 88 92
XL 62 92 96
2XL 63
96 100
3XL 64 100 104
4XL 65 104 108
5XL 66 108 112


"I never knew how much I needed the Hug Tee™ until I tried it! As a new mom, carrying my little one around the house was becoming tiring, but this hands-free carrier has been a lifesaver. It's so easy to slip my baby into the pouch, and he stays snug and happy while I go about my chores. Plus, it's incredibly stylish and doesn't look like a typical baby carrier at all. I've received so many compliments on it! It's truly given me a new sense of freedom and comfort. Highly recommend it to all parents out there!"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Emma L
✅ Verified Buyer

Creating an unbreakable bond with the newborn is both a priority and a challenge, as is the ability to navigate the day-to-day with ease and confidence. But often, hindered by clunky and uncomfortable carriers, which complicate rather than simplify the art of multitasking with an infant in tow. This situation leads to feelings of frustration and limitation, grappling with the desire for closeness and the need for functional freedom.

Introducing the Hug Tee™, a revolutionary solution that seamlessly blends the comfort of babywearing with the ease of everyday life. This innovative tee is designed with a comfortable pouch that snugly holds the toddler close, allowing to move freely while providing the warmth and connection the little one needs. Experience a harmonious balance in daily routine, fostering a close bond with the baby while effortlessly embracing the rhythm of life.


 ENHANCE BONDING: Hug Tee™ allows to keep the infant close to heart, promoting crucial physical and emotional bonding. This closeness fosters a deep, comforting connection, enriching the precious early moments of parenthood.

FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT: Hug Tee™ ergonomic design offers the freedom to move around and accomplish tasks without compromising the infant's safety or comfort. This freedom enhances daily productivity while ensuring little one is always by the side.

By providing a hands-free carrying experience, Hug Tee™ significantly reduces the physical strain often associated with traditional baby carrying. This reduction in physical stress leads to a more relaxed, enjoyable parenting experience.

 NURTURING ENVIRONMENT: The cozy pouch provides a nurturing environment for the toddler, mimicking the comfort of a warm embrace. Hug Tee™ nurturing aspect is crucial for the infant's emotional development and overall well-being.

Hug Tee™ innovative design is suitable for a wide range of activities, from casual walks in the park to grocery shopping. Its versatility means it adapts to lifestyle, ensuring little one remains connected regardless of the day's agenda.


We understand as new parents, the need to keep the toddler close and comforted while also staying active and hands-free. It can be annoying with the daily struggle of balancing a fussy infant in one arm while attempting to complete simple tasks like making a meal. According to a recent survey by Parenting Today, 9 out of 10 parents struggle to balance bonding with their little one and managing household tasks, underscoring the urgent demand for a practical solution.

Hug Tee™ is the ultimate solution for seeking a seamless blend of bonding with the infant and accomplishing daily tasks with ease. Its integrated pouch, provides a comfortable and secure space for carrying the toddler hands-free, promoting bonding while enabling multitasking. Cherish every moment with the little one while reclaiming precious time for self, embracing a newfound sense of freedom and joy in the parenting journey.





Style: Simple
Pattern: Plain
Skirt type: A skirt
Collar type: Round neck
Fabric Name: Cotton


Hug Tee™  * 1pc

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