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Stretchable Wireless BT 5.0 Game Controller

Stretchable Wireless BT 5.0 Game Controller

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Experience the ultimate in gaming with our Stretchable Wireless BT 5.0 Game Controller, designed for seamless gameplay on mobile phones (both Android & iOS), PS4, Switch, and PC platforms.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced Connectivity: Utilizing the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, this gamepad offers a stable and responsive wireless connection, ensuring uninterrupted gaming sessions.

  • Ergonomic Design: The stretchable design provides a comfortable grip, while the precise joystick and responsive buttons deliver a superior gaming experience.

  • M2 Key Functionality: Please note that the M2 key is specifically tailored for gunfight games, allowing you to adjust joystick speed for precise aiming. This function is accessible through the V3 software and may not be supported by all games.

  • V3 Mode Benefits: In V3 mode, holding down the M2 button slows down the joystick speed, aiding accurate aiming during gunfights. This feature is especially advantageous for achieving precise targeting.

Troubleshooting and Tips:

  • If you discover that the M2 key does not respond during testing, rest assured it's not a defect. The M2 key is designed for specific gunfight games, and its speed adjustment functionality is activated through the V3 software. Please note that not all games support this feature.

  • To engage the M2 functionality, simply hold down the M2 button. This action slows down the joystick speed, assisting you in aiming accurately during gunfights. Releasing the button restores the joystick to its original speed.

  • Should you encounter connectivity issues during initial use, a quick reset can resolve the problem. Insert a small needle into the reset hole, and the controller will reactivate, ready to enhance your gaming experience once again.

Elevate your gaming prowess with the Stretchable Wireless BT 5.0 Game Controller. Immerse yourself in a world of precise control, responsiveness, and unparalleled gaming enjoyment across various platforms.



Description of application:

1. With ergonomic design and comfortable touch feels.

2. With stretch and shrink function, it can stretch and store mobile phones with different lengths between 135-173mm.

3.Via BT 5.0 EDR/BLE connection, the controller can connect to mobile phones and other game consoles ,such as PS4, Switch ,PC, etc.

4. Supports ShootingPlus V3 app, which can be downloaded through various mobile application markets.

5. Support Android and Hongmeng HID standard mode, and can play all kinds of games that support HID standard mode.

6. Support systems above Android 6.0 ( ShootingPlus V3 Android mode).

7. Support multiple touch of IOS 10.1 to 13.3.1 systems (shootingplus V3 IOS mode); Support single touch for IOS 13.4 and above systems.

8. Support MFI games for systems above lOS 13.0. MFI games can be downloaded from ShanWan MFi app.

9. PS3/ PS4/ switch game console is supported to play games with BT connection, but there is no gyroscope function.

10. Support BT connection of windows 10 system laptop and play X-Input games.

11. Support USB wired and can play PC PS3 switch games.

12. The key is equipped with cool LED backlight.

Function key diagram:

Characteristic parameters:

1.Item name: Retractable Gamepad

2.Color: 8 colors available

3.Material: ABS

4.Weight: 220g

5.Interface type: TYPE-C

6.Connection type: BT 5.0

7.Compatible plateform: for IOS/Andeoid phone , PC , PS4, Switch .Win,etc.

8. Working voltage: DC3.7v

9. Working current: About 10mA

10. Duration:>20h

11. Sleep current:<5uA

12. Charging voltage current: DC5V/500mA

13. BT transmission distance: < =8M

14. Battery capacity: 350mAh

15. Standby time: 60 days at full power

(When using this product, keep the device is on the left, and restore the game keys laterally positioned, make sure the camera to their default settings.)

Packing list:

Wireless controller x 1

Instruction x 1

TYPE-C USB Cable x 1

Android customization Set key
The built-in preset configuration can be used directly,or you can customize the key settings

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