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Cat Scratching Board Mat: 37*12cm Claw Paw Scratcher Toy for Cats

Cat Scratching Board Mat: 37*12cm Claw Paw Scratcher Toy for Cats

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Introducing the Cat Scratching Board Mat, a must-have accessory for every cat owner seeking to provide their feline friend with both entertainment and practical benefits. This corrugated paper scratching board offers an outlet for natural scratching instincts while serving as a versatile piece of furniture protection.

Key Features:

  • Size and Quantity: This package includes one piece of the Cat Scratching Board Mat, measuring 37122cm. It provides ample space for your cat to indulge in scratching and play.

  • Durable Corrugated Paper: Crafted from durable corrugated paper, this mat is designed to withstand your cat's scratching and playing activities. It offers a satisfying texture that cats love to scratch, helping to keep their claws healthy.

  • Random Color Design: The Cat Scratching Board Mat features a random color design, adding a touch of variety to your cat's play area. The colors are appealing to cats, encouraging them to engage with the mat.

  • Multi-Purpose Use: This mat serves as more than just a scratching toy. It also functions as a furniture protector, diverting your cat's attention away from your valuable furniture. Place it strategically to minimize potential damage from scratching.

  • Entertainment and Abreaction: Cats have a natural instinct to scratch and play. This mat provides an outlet for their energy, helping to reduce stress and anxiety. It's an effective way to promote abreaction and offer mental stimulation.

  • Convenient Packaging: The Cat Scratching Board Mat comes packaged in an OPP bag, ensuring its cleanliness and preserving its quality until it's ready for your cat to enjoy.


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